About CBRA

Canadian Book Review Annual was founded by Ryerson University Journalism Professor Dean Tudor in 1975 to provide Canadians with an evaluative guide to all the English-language and Canadian-authored scholarly, reference, trade, children’s, and youth books published in Canada each year.  

Published in print format for years, CBRA's Canadian Children's Literature was added in 1993.

CBRAonline is a web-based version of Canadian Book Review Annual, launched in 2009 by the Dundurn Group to fill the need for an easily searchable electronic version of this trusted reference work. CBRAonline is a closed database, offering over 30,000 reviews ranging in date from 1978 to 2012. CBRAonline is a closed database, now hosted by the University of Toronto Libraries (UTL). For more information, please contact UTL's Information Technology Services department.

CBRA reviews provide thorough evaluations of Canadian-authored books in all genres including children's books as well as adult fiction and non-fiction.

CBRAonline makes these full text reviews freely available to anyone interested in Canadian books, including librarians, library patrons, students, and general readers. Reviews are fully searchable.


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